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custom designs

Customized signs made to order.  Let us help you create that one-of-a-kind art.


The Lord's Prayer 24" x 48" Framed with Mahogany wood


2020 Graduation sign Personalized name

Kaeo ohana 30x12 mockup 2

Personalized Ohana sign 12" x 30" Framed with Mahogany wood


Personalized Phone Docking Station


Wood Stickers 3" x 3"


Be Brave Take Risks 12" x 30" Framed with Mahogany wood

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Ohana Family framed sign


School framed with Mahogany wood

Please email us at:

If you have photographs you would like to send, you can also email that to us.

Photo Specifics:

If sending a digital file, please make sure they are in high resolution.  You can send the following formats:  JPEG or PDF.

How to Request a Customized Sign

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